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Yes Off-Course you can...
You just need to know c++...
Our game is fully based upon 3 libraries:
Crystal Space
if you know 1 of this library or you'd like to learn use it you
just need to send a mail to me

Anyway if you don't know anything of this librarys but you want
anyway partecipate we are waiting for you ;)

You don't know anything of c++? No problem!!! a game don't need just
coders!!! We also need Game designers!!! If you have any good idea of
what put in the game or how do it e-mail to me!!!
This is not all... If you know something of blender you can create some
3d model to include in the game!!!

As you can see if you want you can do something for us!!! Come'on Help us!!!

15/2/2005 website updated

Created whit : The GIMP , Quanta + and Kwrite... Thanks to everyone who develop this tools!!! Optimized for Konqueor
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