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Battle Engine

The battle engine is one of the most important in a RPG.
In urpg the battle engine is split in two subpart. The one that
is use when we are near the second is used when you attack someone
from a big distance (i.e. when you shot whit a sniper rifle). The
near part is orgnized in turn. Every attack and spell need a time
to be made. The time is added to the main time of the player. when
the time of a player reach 0 he can attack. If two reach 0 at the
same time the one whit more speed is the one that attack.
The player don't see this count: for him turns arrive one after the
other whitout waiting time.

The battle engine is already in the cvs. It is quiet stable but he
still need some feature and the 3d grafic....

If you have any question on this engine just mail me at:

15/2/2005 website updated

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