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What is urpg... Well this is a nice question... i can talk 1 day and
maybe i don't explain in the right way... I will try in a few word.

When i started urpg my wish is to create a game in whit you don't see
never the word "end". Urpg is not a real game it is a group of engine
and all togheter they create the game. But the engine hisself are not
enought; you need the real core : The Plug-Ins. A plug-in is like a
mod in other game. A plug-in can contains anything: veicols, maps,
missions, player skin ecc ecc.

We still are so far from our goal so we need your help!!! if you want
more infos about this project write to me at

15/2/2005 website updated

Created whit : The GIMP , Quanta + and Kwrite... Thanks to everyone who develop this tools!!! Optimized for Konqueor
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